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Marketing Planet is an international minded website. Its aim is to enhance exchanges of marketing ideas and experiences. The website is made by marketers and people linked to marketing activities.

Marketing Planet targets any people working or interested in all types of marketing. By the way it is organised and open to reactions and participations, we hope to create a place where people come together to exchange information and to provide their opinions.

  • More about Marketing Planet

    Marketing has received quite some negative publicity in the last years. We at Marketing Planet however are convinced of the importance of Marketing within the companies future and our philosophy and website underlines this with the articles and other publications. Marketing Planet represents therefor an interactive and international - independent - website where Marketing exchanges take place at the right level of its importance.

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    The authors from Marketing Planet are a key element for the quality and the richness of the website. In their different ways they are all experts on marketing and strategy topics.

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    Do you have any interesting articles you would like to publish on Marketing Planet, simply request to become an author. There are various types of articles you can propose. Publishing articles on Marketing Planet can also represent interesting advantages to you.

    Marketing Planet aims to have a range of authors, varying in its regularity and type of information. So, whether you are an experienced or professional writer of white papers on marketing topics, an international marketing manager for a multinational company, a consultant or a student, suggest your article or idea to us for publication.

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    In the world of lack of time, stress and overload of information, you are in need of clear, synthetic and structured support. Marketing Planet proposes you different ways to stay in touch with our website and activities. Besides, subscribing is quick and easy.

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    Marketing Planet aims to exchange with its readers and visitors. Whether you come regularly or only occasionally, we are interested in knowing your opinion and take it into account.

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    All information you need regarding the Marketing Planet licence.

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    Marketing Planet uses modern standards to ease its usage to anyone, it is so called « accessible ».

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    The tools that made it possible to launch this website as quicly as possible, and now allow us to keep it up to date on a daily basis.