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Marketing has received quite some negative publicity in the last years. We at Marketing Planet however are convinced of the importance of Marketing within the companies future and our philosophy and website underlines this with the articles and other publications. Marketing Planet represents therefor an interactive and international - independent - website where Marketing exchanges take place at the right level of its importance.

Marketing today

Marketing has received the last years quite some negative input. We hear that marketing is taking too much budget, not providing genuine results, just about publicity etc. As a result, marketing is sometimes seen as a part of a company with decreasing importance. Some companies even limit their role to communication issues only. In the same time it is heard that marketing seems to run out of ideas and force. Creativity is losing its territory and the core of marketing: bringing the products and customers together, is about to be forgotten.

On the other part, books are written to underline the importance of marketing and every now and then we hear in the press some “super stories†of those marketing success cases. Famous marketing experts or "gurus" try to explain us too that this is not true, that marketing is still a keystone in business and alive and kicking and that good marketing is worth so much to a company.

Marketing Planet has been created in the same ideology: Marketing still has the future ahead but it is up to its people to prove it. Creativity, capacity to listen, analysing the right figures, exchanges with users and have marketing at the CEO agenda are some key factors to us. With the way Marketing Planet is organised and open to reactions and participations, we thus hope to create a place where people come together to exchange information and to provide their opinions and keep marketing in the centre of the game.

Our philosophy

  • To propose a range of information and ideas both on practical marketing information as well as academical and research marketing features and surveys
  • To be accessible to everyone linked to marketing and encourage exchanges and participations
  • To propose the publication of articles on marketing topics by various authors
  • To offer the possibility to react on published articles
  • To respect the rights of publication and leave all property of publication to its authors


Marketing Planet is an independent website, aiming to achieve interactivity between people active in marketing throughout the world and highlight marketing as a key activity for all companies. This independence is very important for us as it allows us to express our thoughts without being under pressure and influence.

No personal information will be transmitted to third parties or for any commercial use. Proposed articles will remain the property of its authors unless indicated otherwise.

Marketing Planet and you

As stated, Marketing Planet proposes various ways to interact and obtain dynamism. Whether you want to participate as an author, react on articles or simply don’t want to miss out on anything, Marketing Planet offers the three ways to do so:

  • Stay in touch either by the newsletter, RSS Feed or Twitter;
  • Read and react: every now and then just read the articles, react to those you want and participate to the online surveys;
  • Become an author yourself by proposing topics, exchange ideas, submit your articles.

We have visitors come from all around the world and provide articles and insights from different parts of the world and backgrounds. It all provides you a good opportunity to enlarge the scope of your marketing vision.


As to maintain its level of quality and interest it is important that the authors are respected and that reactions are serious ones aiming to add something to the article or the idea.

Figures concerning Marketing Planet

Follow-up and communication with figures are two important controlling elements in marketing. Marketing Planet will do the same. Find hereunder therefor some figures about Marketing Planet.

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