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Becoming an author

Do you have any interesting articles you would like to publish on Marketing Planet, simply request to become an author. There are various types of articles you can propose. Publishing articles on Marketing Planet can also represent interesting advantages to you.

Marketing Planet aims to have a range of authors, varying in its regularity and type of information. So, whether you are an experienced or professional writer of white papers on marketing topics, an international marketing manager for a multinational company, a consultant or a student, suggest your article or idea to us for publication.

Suggestions of publications that can be proposed

  • Case studies
  • White papers or studies from an academical point of view
  • Detected trends or opinions or news articles
  • Theoretical marketing topics or studies / surveys
  • Suggestions and reviews for websites or books etc.
  • In-depth articles on marketing experiences and interviews


Marketing Planet publishes its Newsletter and creates partnerships with other marketing websites of quality. Becoming an author for Marketing Planet holds thus many advantages. With your article published on the website your name will gain interest, especially since your name will be directly visible in the article.

You will have a special author presentation file listing the various articles you have published, including a presentation of yourself. You hold the possibility to link to your website if available and you can propose an email address to contact you directly [1].


Propose your article or suggestion by filling out the contact form. Registration of becoming an author is only once required. Upon reception of your motivation, you will be contacted by the Marketing Planet Editor directly to study your publication and provide any support if needed. You can be an "one shot", occasional, or regular author, just as it might suit you.

  • Language

The common language to be used for the publication of the articles is English, due to its large understanding. In some cases multilingual articles can be published as well as articles with a multilingual introduction. [2]

  • Property

Published articles remain the property of the authors. Each author however, is responsible for the contents of its article and should verify to respect any property and copyrights especially whenever quotations or references are included. Each author agrees with the rights when confirming the publication of their article.


[1If for any reason you wish to restrict your visibility, a special option can be proposed

[2Upon written approval from Marketing Planet some exceptions can be made as to the English main language.