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The authors from Marketing Planet are a key element for the quality and the richness of the website. In their different ways they are all experts on marketing and strategy topics.


The authors that are publishing on Marketing Planet are in their different ways experts on marketing topics and strategy. Their contribution is a key element of Marketing Planet.


The type of articles that are published by them may rank from white papers to ideas as well as from case studies to academical theories and reviews. Thanks to the variety in their viewpoints and their type of publications they will contribute to the quality and the richness of Marketing Planet.

The person behind the author

Each author has its own presentation, linked to its articles. It will help you to learn more about the author and its experience in the field of marketing and strategy. In the same presentation you can find back all the published articles from the same author. Should you have a preferred author it will thus become easy to immediately find back all its articles.

Contact them directly

Should you have a special question for an author, you can contact him through the contact form included in its presentation. You are simply asked to respect the authors and keep in mind that that some authors are rather busy and may take some time to respond.

The Marketing Planet Authors

Herunder you will find the list of the Marketing Planet authors with their presentation:


Have you too become motivated to write for Marketing Planet, you can find behind this link the possibilities to suggest an article or a topic and maybe become an author yourself.
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