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Jacqueline Oud

Jacqueline Oud is the creator and chief editor of Marketing Planet.

Understanding marketing and strategy, their role and influence, are two of her main interests. She is specialised in international marketing and development. Further professional interests are war strategy and psychology for their connection with marketing. Since 2007 she has put her marketing and strategy experience in support of organisational and quality issues as to influence from within the company and no longer focusing only on the outside.

Jacqueline Oud has obtained the Specialised Masters Degree at ESCP, Paris, in International Project Management and Marketing, in addition to her Business School degree at HEAO in the Netherlands. She also followed a business seminar in India, Ahmedabad, at the IIMA.

The various international contacts, and journeys have provided her a large vision of marketing today and its potential. It is a source of new ideas and creativity.

In her free time she likes to understand different cultures, to read or go outside looking for inspiration and get fresh air.

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