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"A technique for producing ideas" by James Webb Young

New ideas?

Some books never get out of date. A straight forward exemple would be "A Technique for Producing Ideas" by James Webb Young. Its first publication was in 1965 but still today it is a very valid book of how to find the way to the magical world of ideas.

Ideas for all?

The author is very clear from the beginning as he states why he is willing to give away the valuable formula of his discovery: "First, the formula is so simple to state that few who hear it really belive it. Second, while simple to state, it actually requires the hardest kind of intellectual work to follow, so that not all who accept it use it."

When reading the book, this becomes quite obvious:

  • The book counts only 50 pages. Everyone laughed about it when I showed it around.
  • The method it describes is indeed one of discipline and motivation, as maybe to one’s surprise.

A method for finding ideas

"A step by step technique for sparking breakthrough creativity in advertising or any field".

James Webb Young descibes in his book a special method of how to follow-up certain stages - mental and practical - as to produce new ideas. This is no special psychology training of an American approach, but one he has experienced or say noticed in his advertising activity. There are no underlying thought or strange phenomena needed, it is all in one’s hand.

Lessons to learn

Whether one will try or not to apply the method described, it is really worth reading this book. Take your time and not simply think of its only 50 pages and try to read it as quick as possible.

If there is one lesson to be understood: "Store general materials". You don’t understand what I’m saying? Just read the book and you will find out!

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