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And marketing created Men

Attracting men .... the new segmentation aim

Finding new ways to sell the variety of products includes also finding new market segments. One of the latest segments are "Men". They have been pursued since years by Feminists but nowadays also Marketing Departements seems to increase the interest in Men, though .... not for the same reasons.

Marketing discovers Men’s potential

Women have already since about at least 15 years been a major marketing goal, though nowadays more mature in marketing reactions. Men, on the other hand, are having more and more stress today and are still brought up with the ideology of assuming without any complaints or weaknesses. Psychologists state that men need to be freed of this pressure. According to them, men would like to cool down a bit and benefit of the good life. It is obvious that with this news there is no need to say more to the marketing who is always eager of finding new customers.

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Vuarnet Sunglasses
An example of advertising from Vuarnet for Mens sunglasses.

A gain of time and more holidays, as now possible in many countries, offers this segment new possibilities to find new occupations, and change of the working atmosphere. In the same time, women work too, which makes that the house income is no longer only on the shoulders of the men alone. Alltogether this means more time, more money to be spent, thus more potential!

Education and preparation

Men however, were not yet ready to spent all their money and some education was required. According to the habits and stereotypes, men like cars and technical equipment, but it remains difficult to be able to purchase 4 cars, and there is only few use for a 3rd drill. The easiest products to be sold are consumption products since they will be re-needed and thus create more market.

Marketing had its experiences with women, who love doing shopping and buy beauty products and clothing. Besides, since these are consumer products, women keep coming back to buy new ones. As this presented a good benchmark, the best solution would be to make men receivable to these prodcuts too. Not that easy, some things needed work:

  • Enlargen the offer in these type of products. The more choice exists, the more men will be willing. Many men complain about the fact that women clothing proposes much more variety, and that for this reason it is nice to do shopping. There seems not enough variety for them, so why should they try to find anything else.
  • Educate men that beauty and clothing or leisure interest is not only for women and can even be very "manlike". For a man in his "post-machism" period there is nothing worse than to be compared with a women, or be confounded by mistake as a gay.
  • Create clearly defined approaches for the different types of men. As seen with the psychologists, men have already passed the turmoil of feminists but there most important issue seems to maintain their honour, their being a Man. They will want to be identified with something that represents their image of a real Man.
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Biotherm Homme Advertising
Example of the Biotherm product line and advertising especially designed for men


One will probably have noticed the results of the marketing in the lifes of men. Open a men’s magazine and notice the adds for watches, perfume, clothing, lots of cars, IT and hifi home equipment, shoes, beauty products etc...

More and more sportsman and actors or other "idols", are being represented in adds as to justify the image of the promoted product. All is done to avoid a too feminin image whereas at the same time, men are shown as to appreciate beauty and pleasure.

Special life style magazines for men have appeard on the market as also more and more Hobby magazines (Photo, IT, Hifi etc). Moreover, in the shops we notice special department stores dedicated to men. The IT equipment evolution has its share in this new segment too, reflected often in shops.

Though brands like Biotherm and Clarins, 2 major beauty companies, are very pleased with the results they have yet obtained with their special Man Product-lines, there is still a lot of effort to be done. The gross of men still compares these new approaches rather for women or gays. Women play a very important role however. Often they first take a shirt home, or make an appointment for men at a beauty institute. If this is appreciated, the process continues until the man makes his move by himself. It may seem suprising but men are also influencable by their friends or references.

Much potential

Still much is possible but the most difficult work seems to have been done. The innovaters have prepared the way. See for your company if men are already being part of the marketing approach and if not, in what way they can become so.

A wink to Feminism after all?

In fact, since many women seem to be working in marketing, couldn’t it be just a womens-strategy? Their "feminism approach" easied the macho in order to prepare him for new products that wouldn’t appeal to him otherwise. Nowadays they market products of which they are very keen and in house they try to persuade their partner and family of the advantages it takes.... Very subtile, so maybe...

Post Scriptum:

Discover their world of interests by looking in the favorite magazines and shop in their favorite shops.

Read also some psychology books as to understand their need of position and appreciation among their friends and family.