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Argentina - latest adverstising destination

Latest spot for commercials: Argentina

The French magazine "Stratégies" depicts the latest trend in commercials and informs us of the place to be: Argentina!

This country seems to be the right place to film commercials that are not too expensive and that seem very appropriate to reflect the life style of Europe, USA and ofcours Latin America. With the devaluation of the peso and the increase of the quality of their technical equipment, Argentina seems to propose first class services. A new Eldorado, or so it seems.

The dark side of the story

The dark side of the story, as Stratégies tells its readers, is that this business brings hardly any advantages to the local companies or local population. Most of the companies seem to have a local European agency and work directly with them, avoiding thus most local contact.

More info

For more information and the details see Stratégies, n° 1322, April 15th 2004.

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    Its a great font of information. Thank Marketing Planet and thanks Jacqueline too