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Bavaria creates a marketing conflict at World Cup with orange dresses

At WorldCup 2010 in South Africa, Bavaria - a Dutch brewer - creates a marketing conflict during a match opposing the Netherlands and Denmark with women dressed in sexy orange dresses. The action, considered as ambush marketing, irritated FIFA and Budweiser, the official sponser and directe competitor of Bavaria. In the mean time, the orange dresses are "hot" to have and Bavaria has won its publicity stunt.

On Monday’s – June 14th - match opposing the Netherlands and Denmark, a group of about 30 women were accused of ambush marketing for being dressed in orange dresses from Bavaria, a Dutch brewery. The orange dresses are Bavarias’ World Cup promotional items that are offered with the purchase of a pack of beers in the Netherlands. The women were said to strip from Danish “red – white “clothes to the sexy orange dresses.

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Bavaria Dress (EPA)

Reaction of FIFA: correct or exagerated

For information, Bavaria put the same stunt on at the 2006 World Cup where man wore orange lederhosen during a match. While no Bavaria logo or name can be seen on the front of the dress, since the logo is only at the back, the story has made a scandal at the World Cup since the action is considered as a marketing act. Budweiser, the official brewer sponsor of the event, pays a huge price for it and its logo is supposed to be the only beer logo seen during the whole World Cup. Bavaria has confirmed that the women were paid by Bavaria, but Bavaria Director Peer Swinkels nevertheless considers the arrest of the women exaggerated and difficult to understand.


For those unaware, orange is an official colour of the Netherlands, and part of the Dutch culture, it is a habit to use and wear orange in any event where the Netherlands are represented as a nation. However, with the action evoking such a conflict, voices raise already calling to stop the action during possible upcoming matches with the Netherlands. Irritation from FIFA and Budweiser may have even risen to the level of an official complaint to Bavaria ad the matter is closely followed in the Netherlands, even by the governement. In the mean time, the Bavaria dresses have become a hot item and are sold at internet at various prices and Bavaria itself has created once more a good publicity stunt.

More information about the dresses and Bavaria

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Bavaria Dress (EPA)