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Hey Mister, don’t forget your clients!

From core business to core clients

For those who have also read the article on the traps of marketing tendencies I don’t need to explain the risk of being blinded by new concepts. In a - nowadays maybe called old - marketing book "In search of Excellence" one of the reasons for excellente companies is being given to companies that manage to remain in their core businesses. Let the cobbler stick to his last.

The traditional way of explaining this was to avoid too much diversification. It can make a company weak. It spreads its risks but weakens its key element. Another explanation I would like to add is to remain also with your main target customers. Not in ways as not looking for any enlargment but to remain true to their needs. Your core customer should not be neglected.

From core clients to new clients

Many companies take their core clients for granted. It has become such a habit that they bring in the money, that they remain true to the company, that one stops noticing them. Instead of these core clients companies tend to find new clients and take themselves slowly away from their core business and alienate their core clients.

Why not simply remain listening to the needs of their current clients, see what are their needs. Listen to your core clients, see the evolution that they are looking for and see how you are able to reply. Treat them well and they will do your communication work and bring in new clients that suit your core business. It is so much easier to listen to your core clients and adapt the offer than looking for new clients and see if you can propose them anything they like.

From new clients to no clients

If you do it the other way around, I stated that you alienate your core clients. You remove slowly from your centre and enter into a new activity. It is not only this activity that you don’t know by heart but also the expectations of the new clients may be very different. Not being able to reply to these new needs makes you loose everything.

All about psychology

The way you treat your clients is very psychological. Don’t forget they are human beings. They like having special treatments. If they are being neglected they will look elsewhere and bring you bad publicity. If they feel that you prefer other clients they can feel upset and may want to find someone else that "takes care of them". Don’t look for what other companies are doing, follow what they do with one eye and with the other verify what your clients need.

Adapt your approach to your clients and don’t expect your clients to adapt to you. In the same way, many companies launched ther offer or access via internet. If your clients don’t access internet they will feel surpassed and misunderstood. You can help them feel at ease via internet but if your client will have no possibility to access it - some countries don’t have easy internet access - don’t force it.

Don’t forget that your sales force knows very much about your clients. Ask them or work together with them in learing to know your clients needs and see if you have not yet gone too far.