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How to generate a case study

Customer case studies are good ways of generating testimonials and good material for promoting your business. Some practical tips of how to create them and make the best use of them.

Why are case studies useful?

  • Case studies provide an excellent example of the successful application of your company’s solutions to client problems.
  • They show prospects that you are experienced in their industry sector and can offer a solution to meet their issues
  • They are useful to the sales force
  • They can be issued to the press
  • They can be placed on the Website, in a newsletter etc
  • A prospect is more likely to be impressed by a ‘real’ client than a keen sales person!

How can you generate a case study?

  • It is important to have a relationship with a few members of your sales force. They will be your best source for finding a happy, loyal client
  • If this is not possible, then look at the existing client list and pick a few companies from different sectors who have bought different products and have been clients for more than one year. The ones with well known names will be the most useful of course.
  • The process is then to call the client (with the agreement of the sales person if there is one) and ask their permission to use them as a case study. Usually they are happy to do this because they know that they will get some publicity as a result.
  • The best way to get the right information is to «interview» them. Structure your interview to make sure that you get an outline of:
    • The problem they faced
    • How they tried to solve it
    • Why they came to your company
    • What solution was offered
    • Why they decided to buy the solution from you
    • How they implemented it
    • What they feel about it now
    • Any recommendations they have for a new prospect
    • Make sure that you get a “quote†from the client
    • Make sure that you have their permission to use the case study

How to make best use the case study

  • Once you have your case study written up you will need to make use of it.
  • Pick out the quote and use it as a testimonial in presentations
  • Place the case study on your website
  • Issue a press release or article based around it to your target press. Journalists love a ‘real life’ story to illustrate their articles. You may need to offer it as an exclusive.
  • Give a copy to your sales people
  • Publish it in your client or business partner newsletter
  • Let your client publish it in their own newsletter and thereby give you wider coverage