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McDonald’s - attracting even very young ones

McDonald’s’ construction of a better image

The latest commercials from McDonald’s confirm their segmentation approach: attracting children into their fast food restaurants by means of their parents.

Indeed, McDonald’s try more and more to depict parents feeling good when taking their children to a McDonald’s. Time has changed, it is no longer the child that wants to go to McDonald’s is the parents that make the "healthy" choice for them to do so.

Some commercials

The commercial - for which you will find the link joined - goes even one step further: a nice young women appeals to group of young men. However, she not interested in going to McDonald’s whith any of them ..... there only one man with whom she will go their....her little baby. How far can you go in taking young children with you?

The commercial can be found at the website AdForum, and is one of the 5 selected commercials of the week. To view the McDonald’s commercial: AdForm week selection - tick "She’s Mine"

The agency Del Rivero Messianu - DDB who created this commercial, does quite many other commercials for McDonald’s. All can be found on their website under the menu "Body - Portfolio - Television-". The agency seems to specialised in the Hispanic market, a market of great importance in the United States.

McDonald’s targets babies

As to my surprise, out of the commercials they show for McDonald’s, 2 are with pregnant women wanting to go to the fast food restaurant, one women has the baby even demanding this. Three others are about young children that grow up and that adore having a McDonald’s with their parents seeing it as something healthy and good for the "education". Only one commercial show adults.

All seems to turn on the young - very young segment and attracting it. Recent modifications on their menu, at least in the European countries (maybe readers from other continents can reply to this online), confirm this attitude with better salads, fruit and milk products. In publicity, the mothers and fathers are keen on the food of McDonald’s for the benefits it brings to their children.

The future of McDonald’s - still fast food?

Time seems to have changed when we went to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. Will they make a fast food reorientation? If they try to attract with new products, how will they remain faithful to their message of ready made hamburgers ... by the way, their latest creations seem to take more time for preparation. How far does McDonald’s slip away from their fast food concept? This will open weaknesses for competition...


Everyone knows McDonald’s, so what are your experiences and impressions on their segmentation and do you think it correct to have yet unborn babies demanding the futur mother for a McDonald’s meal?

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