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Philips launches intimate massagers for couples, that’s a change in strategy

117 years old Philips group launches a controversy new product and aims to reorient its strategy towards health and well-being.

The new product launch of Philips can be called more than surprising for a company that is renowned for its lightbulbs and is seen as an electronics player. Indeed, on the 8th of September 2008 Philips has entered into a possible new era of its positioning with the launching of specific intimate massagers for couples (target 35 – 55 years). The launching started for now only in the UK and in specific stores as the market there seems to be more accustomed to this type of «toys». It will be sold at Boots and Selfridges or Amazon UK and the packaging seems not to be forgotten and appears to be rather discrete so no worries about being «noticed» by the neighbours.

Strategy change, but how will it influence the global Philips image?

We were aware that Philips was focusing more and more on the markets of medical healthcare since the consumer electronics is more competitive with players from Asia, but this takes the Philips strategy in an even more intimate health care direction. As it turns out, the past two years have been busy at Philips for specific research on the market potential as well as product development studies. This new launching may represent thus a turning point but sceptics are still waiting on how this may influence the global image of Philips.

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