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Report suggests iPhone users more attracted to ads

TheQ4 2008 Mobile Advertising Report from Limbo and GFK Technology published recently shows that iPhone users might be more tempted to react to advertising by phone. This might represent an interesting challenge for the advertising market.

With the hype of the iPhone and continuous attempts to attract new revenues through telecoms, a new report seems to show that iPhone users are more easily interpelled by ads then other telecom users and more likely to react to these.

This is published by Limbo in cooperation with GFK Technology in the "2008 fourth quarter Mobile Advertising Report (MAR)", February 2009, and states that «iPhone users are more than twice as likely as non-iPhone users to browse the mobile Web and more than three times as likely to use a location-based service (LBS) or a location-based social network. With more than 80 percent of iPhone users taking advantage of non-voice mobile data services, compared to just over 60 percent of non-iPhone users, the report suggests that advertisers can reach iPhone users with mobile campaigns more easily than with other platforms.»

This is one of the first times that a report is carried out where iPhone users are compared to non iPhone users and can therefore be an interesting indicator in telecom behaviour.

Some more details coming from this report include

  • One in three consumers that recall seeing a mobile ad responded in some way; this rises to one in two for iPhone users
  • Calling a toll free phone number published in the ads is the most common means of response; iPhone users called twice as much as non-iPhone users
  • One in seven mobile phone users visit a mobile Web site, the second most popular response; this rises to one in five for iPhone users
  • One in seven consumers reported buying a product or visiting a store as a result of seeing a mobile advertisement; for iPhone users, more than one in four bought something as a result of seeing an ad
  • While men and women are equally likely to recall mobile advertising, women are 85 percent more likely to respond to ads than men

For more information on the report, please see here: Limbo study - presscenter - iPhone