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Rolls Royce celebrates its 100th anniversary

Sirs Rolls and Royce

When sirs Rolls and Royce agreed 100 years ago to join hands as to create automobiles, would they have thought that even one century ago it would still be a car that represents quality and status?
In anyway, their cooperation has become a legend that on March the 4th has celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Image: Quality & Quality

According to Sir Henry Royce himself if we should apply his quotation, quality has since the beginning been a standard of the manufacturer:

Strive for perfection in everything you do
Take the best that exists and make it better
When it does not exist, design it
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The official Rolls Royce logo

A celebration

As to celebrate this very special anniversary, and according to a brand strategy that honours its past, Rolls Royce celebrates this occasion throughout the year 2004 with special events.
One of the main events however, is the production on a very selective bases - only 35 pieces - of one of their first models. The automobile will be for sale for about 400.000 Euros (Tax included). Well, to be honest, everyone eager to pruchase this special Rolls Royce edition shouldn’t mind about the price.

Worth knowing

  • Did you know that among the past owners of a Rolls Royce we count Lenin and Stalin ...,
  • The annual production of the Rolls Royce numbers about 1000,
  • British above all: the car keeps in the back door a special place where it stocks ... an umbrella and,
  • The production is still today done in the United Kingdom.

More information on their Rolls Royce Cars can be found on the website: of Rolls Royce Motor Cars