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The AMA - 26th Annual Marketing Research Conference

The American Marketing Association, AMA organises its 26th Marketing Research Conference. This year’s conference will take place from September 25 to September 28, in Boston.

Information to Action - Power of Research

The theme of this year’s conference will be «Information to Action: The Power of Research». As is stated in the welcome word of Joan Treistman, Committee Chair: "This conference will focus on value by looking at it from upper management’s point of view – in other words, what do they want from us? You will see that we have to address marketing research in a different way today, versus the research of yesterday because marketing has undergone many changes."

We can indeed notice that there are discrepancies between the "famous marketing methods" and today’s expectations expressed by the CEO. One of the marketing challenges lies therefore in the capability of marketing managers to include more research in their tasks. How to combine operational - short term activities - and longer term, more academic, research activities. Some companies already manage to do well, but some not.

What the conference will offer

"Powerful research strategies drive today’s most effective marketing decisions. What lessons do they offer? What new models can help you turn information into action? And how can you demonstrate the value of your role?"

The AMA flyer proposes to "Explore the idea of "What? So what? Now what?" at the world’s leading forum for marketing researchers. You’ll come away with practical tools, valuable contacts and renewed enthusiasm for your work."

Various company cases will be presented and the agenda lists a variety of speakers. You will find amongst others Google, Unilever, US Army, TNS, IPSOS, E-Bay, GE Finance and Hewlitt Packard. There will also be the 2005 EXPLOR Award (note: The EXPLOR Awards annually showcase advancements in research, honoring client companies demonstrating the most innovative applications of technology). Of course, the Conference will also propose an exhibition part where marketing research companies can be found (A list of companies present on the exhibition can be found online).

What you’ll learn

  • New trends in marketing research
  • Best-practice solutions across multiple industries
  • The latest online research tools and tactics
  • Techniques for demonstrating ROI
  • How research builds brand equity
  • Modelling that gets results
  • Keys to measuring value [1]

Who should attend

  • Mid- to upper-level marketing research executives wanting to network, enhance their strategies and influence future trends.
  • Newer marketing researchers looking for resources, knowledge and contacts in the field [2].

For more information or to register

  • Visit
  • Recall on the date: September 25-28, 2005
  • Place: Boston, MA - Marriott Copley Place
  • Price: between 745$ (for members) and 1.020$ (for non-members). Additional 100$ will be charged for registration after August 26th.
  • The AMA holds various events, have a look at the general page on their events:

[1list according to their e-flyer

[2as listed in their documentation