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The art of working methods and presentations

Working in a logic way is not as easy as it seems. Ask yourself how often you have to work in a chaotic environment, how often things change and how often you are being disturbed. Besides the fact that it becomes thus difficult to concentrate your might also be less satisfied about the quality of your work. A good organisation is essential and includes a way of operating that is efficient.

Have a clear working method

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan, worldwide known for his cost cutting management and his strategy for saving, explained in an article once part of his operating way. The main questions one is to ask and to explain are:

  • What
  • Why
  • How

It seems that easy but does your work always reflect this?

It is important that your working methods are clear and logical. They will then help you to progress and keep on the right track. Losing time will always happen but if you have the right structure you will be more efficient. Also think of the introduction, what is the reason for the document, the study etc. A good introduction will prepare the rest of the document and positions each element that follows. The concluson will include a time planning and an action plan.

For the different documents that I have to edit I use the same standard types. It will help me to structure my own work but also if required, to guide the people with whom I work. Bear in mind that standard types are to be adapted first of all to your working environment and needs. Once you will have managed to put in place this type and operating way you will notice you have more time left to be creative and enrich the quality of your work. Do not bound yourself to stick to these standard types however. If you notice that is does no longer reply to the needs, you have to adjust.

Take care of its presentation

In marketing it is not only about studying how to create and sell products to your clients. It is also about the way you proceed. In order to sell your idea you will have to convince your company. A good operating way will then help you but you also need to take care of the way you present it. Do not dash your presentations by thinking it is for your colleagues. I always remind myself of the psychology element in marketing and business. You have to make something clear and appealing if you want to have the attention and interest. one of my marketing trainings learned me about AIDA:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

Your work needs to be well structured to obtain attention, create an interest and to make a decision on what is to be done. You will have to be convincing and that can only be obtained by combining the quality of the working method and presentation.

Post Scriptum:

Though this website is mostly oriented towards marketing and strategy the elements used in this article can very well be applied to other activities. In a way we are all confronted with elements of marketing and strategy in our daily life. Attract someone’s attention or convince someone of something are everyday issues.