Marketing Planet

The marketing identity

Are some people meant to be working in marketing and are some people never going to make it in this world? How do you know if you are going to succeed and what does it take?

You may ask yourself if it takes a special kind of people to succeed in marketing, just like an architect is needed to build good houses. Well in a way it does indeed require some skills or attitudes to find your place in marketing. Following to the reading and my impressions, I have managed to make a sort of list of "behaviour":

  • have a strategic vision
  • be creative
  • have a sens of timing and planning
  • have a feeling for trends
  • be interested in details
  • be willing to move
  • have a long term vision
  • be able to focus
  • capable of listening
  • have an intuition
  • be passionate  [1]

The difficulty with marketing is that it has a very large scope. Marketing can include the creative part of designing new products and its packaging, but also be more operational and include training to the sales staff or even be very precise and include the budgetting and analysis. these three exemples only can require already a totally different personnality. On the other hand, the company culture and the country will also influence the perception of the marketing role.

Should you want to know for a special company if your personnality and your skills are well adapted to a marketing function, the best thing to do is to contact directly someone in the company’s marketing department.


[1List created with the help of ISM and E. Gavois