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The most creative people event

Fast Company organises the 2010 edition of the most creative people in business. It will take place on June 16th in New York, US. Inspiration and creativity garanteed.

On June 16th the Most Creative People in Business Event 2010 will take place in the USA, New York. The event is organised by Fast Company and a glance on the agenda makes the event look tempting. So for those who are looking forward to a creative event, have a look for yourself: agenda most creative people.

What is it about you will say, well let’s have a look: «With this event, we give attendees live access to our Most Creative People - the most creative visionaries in business today - with the goal to learn from and to be inspired by their practices and insight.

The event itself is a great conversation/debate starter, but the greater value is in taking attendees inside the minds of these Most Creative People and teaching them something they don’t know: unexpected facts, smart techniques, best practices.»

And if you won’t be able to join the event, I think that with the following links you’ll be able to have some good reads and come up with some inspiration any how: