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The risks of chasing after marketing tendencies

Marketing attracts many people and even more people that want to make money out of it. Trying to follow up on the marketing tendencies is not always necessairy. Marketing is not saved from the fashion trends and the followers, thus it is neither saved from the risks and traps.

Boom of marketing lessons

I don’t know if it is only recently that more and more marketing books and articles appear proving all how profitable each of their technics are for businesses. No matter what business you are active in you can apply the famous marketing principles and their winning technics. As to take away any possible suspicion the trend of "benchmarking" has been even more popular. Benchmarking covers the study of marketing technics used by other - no linked - business activities and see how they can be amended and used by your own activity cq. company. All seems to point out that what the marketing gourou’s tell you is real and can also bring miracles for your company. Or could we be mistaken?

Marketing about marketing

Even marketing itself needs to be sold and thus marketing technics are to be used to sell its own ideas. It may sound very stupid but in fact it is like this. (It’s like you need to convince a sales person that the product he is to sell is really interesting. You need to convince first of all the sales person else he will never sell it). There are indeed some real Marketing Masters but most of the news theories that appear are based on the traditional ideas simply put in a new packaging.

Marketing managers are always looking for a way to improve there results, results will directly affect the global T/O (turnover) and thus satisfy the general management. While looking for new ideas it is very difficult to stay creative and find the new ideas of your own. Real creative people are very rare. They follow tendencies and adapt it to their products or offer. As time seems to pass quicker and quicker many seem to forget was was used in the past and see new tendencies as real innovative. But don’t let yourself be trapped by the golden packaging. Not all what glitters is gold! In fact we could study in how far the marketing managers are not the most important targets on the marketing industry itself.

2 types of traps

Besides being blinded by the new trend that is to solve all problems and make your company the most successful, there is also a second trap. This trap lies in the fact that marketing is not capable of being applicable to all activities. Benchmark can be very nice but is not that easy. The Gourou Z can give many interesting promises but he will not guarantee anything. Should a marketing miracle exist, all companies would use it, thus refraining it from being a miracle any longer. A miracle is a solution, a solution is something found out. But something new found out is based on an existing idea and is just its evolution. An evolution is a trend. Nothing new is being invented. There is no reason for a marketing concept being in its new solution applicable to all activities. Real followers from marketing will ask me "why?". I do understand them. Each activity has its own particularities. Not only because of its clients, its markets but also because of its company culture, it structure of operating and its past. If the concepts could be applied to all companies it would mean that all companies would be clones. The importance and in final conclusion the difficulty in marketing is being unique.

What use of the never ending marketing concepts?

Its like the prêt-a-porter, ready made articles or of the shelf products. Some markets are similar and can apply the same technics. They will be in an environment more competitive, they will be more alike and thus more difficult to be distinguished by the final customer. Being unique is very difficult in this way. Other activities cannot apply these standard concepts. Maybe they will have to prepare the market attitude or simply wait. (Marketing doesn’t really like this attitude as it doesn’t sell). If companies in these activities manage to be unique they will have a major lead. As a result, they will even possibly become a marketing concept.
What can be learned from the marketing concepts is that they will have te be clearly analysed before being used. Maybe parts of it can be used or maybe it can bring you new ideas of your own. Analyse your market and the way your company fits in. How can you identify your clients. Don’t think of any marketing ideas at all, simply observe. Remember that you are in the market, you hold all the keys to its success: the product, the company, the client and the competition. Be logic and don’t let yourself be fooled by all the exisitng concepts.