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Update on Coca Cola "Unexpected Summer Campaign 2004"

Following to the original article An "Unexpected Summer" with Coca Cola and high-tech cans, an update on the results of this campaign is proposed:

The Unexpected Summer Campaign

  • The campaign has been finished by the end of July 2004. The website for the campaign is no longer active and has been taken over by the general website to Coca Cola Unexpected Summer. The website of Coca Cola hardly talks about Unexpected Summer and has passed on to new "hype" marketing actions, though less "James Bondish".
  • Regarding the results of their campaign, no special announcements have been made, leaving to suggest that they were not interesting enough. Coca Cola would have been able enough to make the world know how good the action had been would they have wanted to. When taking into account the results published by Coca Cola, it confirms that the USA are still part of the key markets but with weak results.
  • Regarding their marketing activities, Coca Cola plans a "Permanent step up in annual marketing and innovation investments of $350 - $400 million beginning in 2005." (Quote from the press release)

What has this campaign brought Coca Cola in the end?

The campaign doesn’t seem to have reinforced the position in the Home market. The notoriety of Coca Cola will not have increased that much in the USA - what is left to increase regarding their notoriety?

Their prior aim was to increase sales but the figures seem to show otherwise. Don’t forget that they still have the burden of Coca Cola being a soft drink and therefore marked "unhealthy". Will the Real Thing be able to get back in marketing and be as innovative as they announce in a way that brings home money?