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Walt Disney: who’s playing with Mickey ?

A lot of commotion

Many newspapers talk about the hostile bid of Comcast to buy Walt Disney. The amount is enormous but is not yet sure and depends on the fluctuations of the shares. Though in Europe its notoriety seems low, Comcast is a world player in the cable industries and leader in the USA market.

What possible outcome?

Obtaining Walt Disney will offer new horizons to Comcast on various levels. As a reaction, speculations on whether another company might want to do a counter proposition is the talk of the day. Moreover since Disney has many ennemies as it seems and the current management is not that well appreciated by several.

The stakes of Walt Disney in Europe

In Europe, Eurodisney is facing since quite some time some internal problems - financial and organisational. Well, things may be about to happen in the magical world from both sides of the ocean.

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