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Books, books and books....des Livres partout

Finding your way in the world of business books seems a never ending story, especially since time is very rare. Being confronted myself to this problem I decided to change this situation and list all the interesting books that can be read in the area of Marketing and Stratégy. Moreover, you will see that the books I list here are not only limited to our main issues but I will intend to include those who will improve your results. This is only a booklist, so no in-depth critics overhere. Books are given in English, in French if original edition is in French.

Des livres partout....!
C’est bien ça le problème auquel nous sommes confrontés maintenant. Comment savoir distinguer les bons des mauvais, en quels livres investir notre temps déj� très rare. J’ai été trop longtemps confrontée mon-même � ce problème donc j’ai décidé de mettre en place une liste de livre intéressant dans le domaine de Marketing et Stratégie. de plus, j’ai choisi de inclure dans ma liste des livres qui vous permettent de mieux réussir. Ceci est une liste de livres conseillés et donc vous ne trouverez pas de critiques ici. La liste est en anglais, en français l� où un livre mentionné est édité en français � l’origine. Vous n’êtes pas bon en anglais? Pas de panique, la plupart sont aussi disponibles en français.

So here it is.....

  • Pure Marketing:
  • "The 22 Immutable Laws of marketing", by Al Ries and Jack Trout, 1st ed. 1993
  • "Fonction: Chef de produit marketing", by Hubert Kratiroff, 1st ed. 2001
  • Strategy and organisation
  • "How to become CEO", by Jeffrey Fox, 1st ed. 1998. (French title: "les 75 lois de Fox")
  • "The seven Habits of Highly Effecitve People", by Stephen Covey, 1st ed. 1989
  • "Mintzberg on management. Inside Our Strange World of Organizations", by Henry Mintzberg, 1st ed. 1989
  • "Strategor", by grouped HEC-teachers in Strategy and Politics, 1st ed. 1993
  • "Exploring Corporate Strategy", by Gerry Johnson, Hevan Scholes and, in case of the French adapted version, Frédéric Fréry, 1st ed. 1984
  • "The Tao of Leadership", by John Heider, 1st ed. 1985
  • "What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School", by Mark McCormack, 1st ed. 1984
  • "The one Minute Manager", by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, 1st ed. 1981
  • "Communicating Effectifely", by Lani Arredondo - McGraw-Hill, 1st ed. 2000
  • "Le Prix de l’Incompétence", by Christine Kerdellant, 1st ed. 2000
  • Strategy and Politics
  • "Il Principe", by Niccolo Machiavelli, 1st version dates from the 15th century. I advise you to take a well detailed and explained current version, its annexes are very important and the added value for its undertanding.
  • "Art of War", by Sun Tzu, 1st ed. not known, same advise as above
  • "L’Art de la Guerre par l’Exemple", by Frederic Encel, 1st ed. 2000
  • "Anthologie Mondiale de la Stratégie", by Gérard Chaliand, 1st ed. 1990
  • Negociation
  • "Saint Germain ou la négociation", by Francis Walder, 1st ed. 1958
  • "La Négociation", by Lionel Bellenger, ed. Que sais-je?, 1st ed. 1984
  • "Getting to yes: negotiating Agreement Without Giving In", by Roger Fisher and William Ury, ed. 1982
  • Culture and understanding
  • "Orientalism", by Edward W. Said, 1st ed. 1978
  • "The Clash of Civilizations", by Samuel Huntington, 1st ed. 1997
  • "No Logo", by Naomi Klein, 1st ed. 2000
  • "Disclosing New Worlds", by Charles Spinosa, Fernando Flores and Hubert L. Dreyfus, 1st ed. 1996
  • Novels
  • "War and Peace", by Leo Tolstoy, edited by instalments between 1865 - 1869, 1st ed. by Henry Gifford including notes etc. in 1983
  • "Alamut", by Vladimir Bartol, 1st ed. 1938
  • Bibliographie of Alexandre the Great, for ex. edition of Valerio Massimo Manfredi, trilogie 1st ed.1998
  • In case of spare time
  • "Murphy’s Law, What else can go wrong in the 21th century", by Arthur Bloch, 1st ed. 1999