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The magic power of Three

Marketing Planet recently came accross an article that suits its own strategy and therefor decided to create a direct link for its readers.

Meet number "Three"

In the world of marketing, psychology has a great importantce. It is not clear how these rules apply in our world, one thing is however required: know the rules and see how to apply them.

One of these rules is the Rule of Three: whether you want to create an advertisement, explain your prospect the advantages of your offer or make a marketing presentation, try to limit your elements up to three.

According to studies, including scientific ones, the brain is very well at ease with keeping in mind three elements. However, as from four, it becomes harder. It is not linked to the IQ level and ofcourse can be trained, but naturally three is the best.


The website from dedicated a full article on this topic including a test, an explanation and exemples. It also gives you some suggestions on how to apply this in the various parts of your marketing job.

It is up to everyone to decide whether or not to apply this rule, but don’t say you were not warned.

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