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About What?

The website is rather known in the world of websites. It has various parts that can be completely different from each other. Nevertheless the concept «About» seems to work. According to their information more than 20 million people visit the websites of every month. was created in 1997 and based on the belief that people are the best guides on the internet. Today the website is part of the group PRIMEDIA, a media company in the USA and a turnover of more than 1.3 milliard Dollars in 2003.

About Marketing

About Marketing is a part within and has a direct access at: Its main chapters are:

  • Essentials
  • Marketing Offers
  • Articles and Resources

The essentials are really about the initial part of Marketing. You will find a glossary, though very brief, a description on marketing careers, and a topic listing of the website

A sample of some interesting articles:

To have a total overview of the articles and topics that are registered on this website, I found you the site map of About

The good points of About Marketing

  • The various "Guides" have their own experiences and thus their own points of view.
  • It is rather practical so depending on your needs you will be able to apply easily. Each article proposes related articles which will help you further. The site proposes also "Hot Articles" and "Most Popular" articles.
  • Often marketing topics are linked to a "neighbor" subject, like sales or communication, highlighting both difficulties as synergies in their relation.
  • Articles are generally not too long and the style is very direct and easy to read.

Some inconvenience when visiting About Marketing

  • Though the website is free, a lot of publicity can be found and each article proposes commercial links. Some of the articles are in fact not on the website but are linking directly to a commercial article. This might of course be interesting but is not always the case and in the end and does not make it easier to stay on the website itself.
  • Not all articles are very interesting or relevant. Some articles do not really go to the bottom of the subject and the topics are not very innovative. Nevertheless, some mistakes or errors are never thought often enough and we still don’t avoid them. An extra tour may be useful.


About Marketing is a website worth visiting every now and then, but not too often. It is rather interesting for some practical and general ideas on marketing. Using the topic listing of the website will make it easier to find your way. Afterwards you can continue by the related links.

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