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Introducing ImFusio


ImFusio is a young company, founded in January 2005 by two associates. ImFusio is specialized in International Training and Consulting for International Managers on short term assignments. Their objective is to help clients improve their chances of business success in multicultural environments.

ImFusio founders Nathalie Nowak & Yaël Guillon will publish a series of articles for Marketing Planet readers describing their «journey» from an initial business idea to the launch of a company and its first client – a complete business launch story, from a Marketing perspective.

The ImFusio chronicle

These articles will be a transcription of how they mixed Marketing theory with reality, how marketing helped, and where its limits in the process were. This series of articles will therefore be voluntarily partial, will not necessarily represent the full scope of marketing and business development, and will be obviously based mainly on personal experience and facts. But it will bring you a pragmatic approach to marketing, and a testimony of a true business launch, step after step.

You can learn more about the authors by clicking on their profiles. Your feedback, questions, interest, comments are more than welcome!

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ImFusio Chronicle articles