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The importance of defining a goal

What is a goal?

As seen in the fundamentals of strategy, one needs a goal. Without a target, we don’t know where to go to. What direction should one take if there is no where to go. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
A goal is essential, in every moment: it is the only way to indicate where you want to go.


The reason for doing something is your goal. What do you want to obtain, what do you want to achieve, what is the underlying thought of your action? These questions are sometimes that obvious that you don’t ask them anymore. However, doing so, you are making a big mistake!
You immediately loose in efficiency and risk to get attracted to less important elements. Stick to your main goal, divise it into intermediair goals but define it and stick to it. If you don’t, you will not obtain the same result, or even no result at all. How about the loose of time, frustration, or even the review of your work.


  • Try this: arrive in the morning at your work and list the various goals for the day. If you manage to stick to them you will see you have more spare time. On the contrary, if you work in the same time on other tasks, you will be less concentrated, may miss some important issues and neglect some elements. As a result you didn’t stick to your goal though it was clearly defined.
  • How often do you tend to work on something but you don’t manage to advance. Is the aim clear to you, what are you looking for in the end? Did you define the goal clearly? You will not obtain the quality you are looking for if you don’t fully understand your goal.
  • The two elements are: define your goal and stick to it.

Your environment

If you work with other people on some projects, it is of a main importance to share the same goal. When you work with an agency, your brief needs to be clear, you need to be able to explain what you want: you get want you want, just tell them. When working with direct collegues, you need to be able to talk the same language. A clear defined goal is the only way to work together and achieve the same result.

Male and Female

Man wil have less difficulty to keep an eye on their target. From their hunting origins they had to focus on hunting the beer. Food and survival were their reason and goal. Protecting is another type of goal and Women are instinctly good in this. However business focusses more on conquering than on protecting. Fighting and winning trains the spirit. Women are learning quick nevertheless.
For whatever reason it may be, your goal is your guiding light, find your light and follow it.