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Buzz or true ... women prefer iPhone-men?

One week after the publication of the study, things are still not clear but what will remain in all heads of those that have heard / read about it is that women seem to prefer men with iPhones to men with other mobile phones and are more likely to give them at least their phone number. The marketing effect of this buzz is great and shows once more that in marketing the information needs just be tickling to create the buzz and have effect in a very short time. The question of the information being true or false seems less important.

The survey

What happened? A survey, said to be carried out amongst 1500 women in the UK, showed that women were having preferences to men with an iPhone rather that another mobile phone. Obviously, any single man in a hurry to be successful with women would run to buy an iPhone.

To recall certain points mentioned in the result of the survey:

  • 54% of the women would be more likely to give their digits and date an iPhone owner than a non-iPhone owner
  • 37% of the women said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable.
  • one of the interviewees argued that “If he’s got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too."
  • the survey also found that iPhone owners were better groomed, more likely to have a good sense of humor, and better at conversation.

I would nearly start to belief that soon marketing wizards get to belief that whatever Apple touches turns into a success, even lonely men. But …

Removal and denial

Shortly after the publication of the article at the author was requested to remove the article, and was informed that not only the source was incorrect – not by Phones4U – but that the results was not valid either. The story goes that the commmunication agency StickyEyes did the survey on its own whilst mentioning that it was initially on account of Phones4U. Things go weird somewhere. Nevertheless, by that time though various tech-sites and blogs already relayed the information and the buzz was done.

Even Apple seems to disagree

What is so interesting in this situation is that Phone4U and their regular communication’s agency JCPR both mentioned that even Apple wanted this survey result removed from the internet. Why?

This may be explained because of a previous study mentioned by «that men who own the iPhone tend to have GBP3,750 less disposable income per annum than those who do not own an iPhone; proof that first impressions may not always be accurate in the dating game.»

So what to make of it?

Whatever the truth is, it seems a bit like the buzz that Apple created «themselves» during the launching of the iPad and controversy of the name. With the android phone markted developping currently, the iPhone can use all buzz and communication that will be proposed. And, why not, when things go wrong, maybe Apple could create a marketing /communication course?

Some argue that the journalist who published the article should have carried out better verifications as to check the accuracy of the source. However, this can be argued in the context where the source proposes the article and publishes themself on their own website too.
That too is the way internet works.

To read more

  • The original story and how it all evolved can be found here at

The results of the survey come from the following websites, as the original article is thus difficult to find:

ps: Special thanks to Cécil Schmitt who pointed out this buzz to us. By the way, he has an iPhone .... does that make him even more attractive?